【Aquaman 】 (2018) Free Online Movie Download #123Movies Full Movie

【Aquaman 】 (2018) Free Online Movie Download

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Farewell movies of serious heroes

SMarvel got out of the game with the fun and light superhero movie, I have long hoped that DC would opt for a more mature, more serious and more meaningful formula. Batman v Superman clearly had the potential. Man of Steel too. Alas, Zack Snyder’s two films have sadly missed the mark (although I remain a staunch defender of BvS), while Justice League has shattered all hope . As a logical consequence, DC films have still not found their marks and their identity in an increasingly saturated industry. With its fake feminist tunes, Wonder Woman is still doing well but we can say goodbye to a coherent and well exploited universe. Never mind.

What place for Aquaman , Warner Bros.’s youngest son, in all this? Well we do not care, since the film had to be written by a novice who surely abused cartoons Sunday morning on France 3, with very nice people and very very bad villains. #YOLO

Tostart with the positive: Aquaman is hilarious . His replicas, his twists, his staging … The way back from cinema has accumulated laughter. The problem is that its plot is taken very seriously and that the film is rarely funny when it is supposed to be . How to explain this paradox ? The writing, from the plot to the dialogues, is of such a poverty that it gives place to comical situations. For example, this replica in a dramatico-romantic scene: a character tells the other that tears disappear under water. The other responds that on Earth, tears remain. All on a melancholy musical background. How. Do you want. Take. This film. Seriously ?

It is this lack of reflection that characterizes the writing of Aquaman, who is lost in a scenario very Manichean, with a cohesion and coherence that have done the trick . So we have the unpleasant impression that writers have drawn here and there popular ideas to give substance to their baby. So do not be surprised if, at times, Aquaman inspires Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider or Pacific Rim. It’s normal. One would have hoped that the green message of the film would save the bet but in addition to being very superficial, its conclusion zapped any possibility of making the spectator think. Worse, an informed viewer will even find the message counterproductive.

Rhe este something to save from sinking? Fortunately, yes. First of all, as I said before, Aquaman is very funny, whether he likes it or not. Then, Jason Momoa accomplishes a real feat by giving a certain aura to the character of Arthur Curry . Not easy for a character who is not nearly as popular as the other members of the Justice League. It emanates from Aquaman a feeling of power , reinforced by the rebellious handsome kid side of the actor and very impressive special effects. It sometimes feels like attending the Dragon Ball Z submarine, it’s very enjoyable. Too bad the lack of cohesion undermines all the iconography of the film, offset by a kitsch costume that is actually very good at Momoa.

This is for the visual. On the acting side  , it’s the cold shower. The star of the film is pretty good as a blasé and gruff hero (at the same time, it was a tailor-made role). The others, on the other hand, do not even fulfill their specifications. No need to mention them, as it is difficult to know who to award the worst benefit . Amber Heard (Mera) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen (Black Manta) are clearly competing for the podium, though.